Internet, The platform which helps people with education, medical needs, to stay connected and more. But on the other side its the blooming market for corporate to advertise their product, snoop your personal data and kill your privacy online. Think on Internet being in hands of private, Too scary isn’t it?  But sorry to say some Telecom operators are trying to bring Internet as private property which will be violating digital equality. If you really want to support the cause please sign the petition here. Today [Dec 30th 2015] is the last date to send the petition to TRAI.

You must have heard FREE BASICS initiative by Facebook. The scheme violates the digital equality which will lead to lack of freedom for the Indian users over internet. You might have seen Free basic ads on Tv, Facebook notification, Paper ads and more. What if I say these are all marketing strategies to make you fall into the trap. Yes I will say the flaws in the initiative before blindly supporting for Free basics take your time to read on this and decide what you should do.

  1. Facebook decides what you should see                 

    To add any service as a free basic service, The developer has to enroll his app/website in Fbstart program. The interface decides whether to add the product as a basic or not. So Facebook will decide what we should see and what we should use, If that had happened there would be no whatsapp now and we all will be using Facebook messenger for free. No new products which are competitor with the company will not be allowed into the game which makes monopolistic market, So after a period of time freelancing developers will stop developing apps and services due to high market challenges. We [Internet users] will be pushed to a state we have no alternatives for the service provided and we will be ready to pay what the company asks us to pay that moment.

    2. Say goodbye to Privacy

    When a developer enrolls his app/service on Free basic then he has to build it the way which Facebook has directed. This reduces the security of the apps and Facebook can access the personal data stored on its server. The digital marketing has saturated around the globe and is at tipping edge at India, Using these information they can earn more and you can lose your privacy. Facebook say there are no Ads in Free basic till now. But its not sure that Fb will not add advertisements in the day to come. Ads will not be a problem but the critical information like bank credentials, health data etc can be snooped by the private company and who knows even to NSA. There is no good this scheme is going to do. Its designed in such a way to attract more people into it and charge for non basic services. That is you have to pay extra for using certain services even you have paid for your data packs.

    Its time for us to raise against it, Only TRAI has the power to stop this issue for ever. Together we can fight for digital equality. To support the cause please sign this petition and mail it to TRAI. Say no to Free Basics, If you don’t want internet to be split up like the cable Tv.


Preventing access from unauthorised devices and websites using Tenda N4 n150 4 LAN Wireless Router

Hello folks, In this post I am going to teach you how to use the security features of the Tenda router, I have already written a post on how to configure the router you can read it here. Considering you have set up the network lets go into the security part of the router.


1. Go to the security tab.
2. Select URL filtering.
3. Forbid the link to the particular URL.
4. Create a new access list and name it if you want.
5. Enter the URL to be blocked.
6. Select the IP ranges to which you want to implement this access list, IP range of this router is normally form to
7.Always set the time from 0.0.0 to 0.0.0, which means the block is applied all the time, If you want to block the site in particular time alone you can change the time in this.
8.Click ok to save the connection and reboot your router from now those sites will be blocked.

You might have seen many people accessing others Wi-Fi for their device to prevent this happening from your network you can use MAC filtering that is only your device can access into the network and device with other MAC will be blocked from using the internet.
1. In settings tab select MAC filtering.
2. Choose whether to prevent or allow the device to access. In this case I have choose to allow the MAC which I entered.
3. Know the MAC address of your system, Go to command prompt and type “IPCONFIG /ALL”, The physical address listed there is your MAC address.
4. Create a Access list as did in the previous tutorial and enter the MAC address of the authorized systems alone and click ok.
5. Reboot the router so that the access list becomes enabled.

1                  Cool guys.!!, Now your Wi-Fi is safer than before, If you have any doubts do comment it below, Thank you.

How to set up an Wi-fi connection using Tenda N4 n150 4 LAN Wireless Router

Hello guys in this blog I am going to show how to manage “Tenda N4 n150 4 LAN Wireless Router”. I have choose this device for tutorial because it is an router with good interface so it would be easy to install for beginners.


The router comes with 4 Lan ports and a 5dB antenna which is enough to cover a 3BHK flat, The cost of the device is 640 Rs at amazon. And it is also very user friendly compared to other devices and various other features are it can be used as a booster to the presently connected 802.11 network. This is a wireless router so you need to have an modem to get an internet connection. Considering you have connected it to your system lets go into the tutorial.


Step 1:

Open your browser and type in the URL bar

0STEP 2:

Login to your router, the default username is admin and default password is admin.

1STEP 3:

The default password for your Wi-Fi connection is 12345678, Click ok and enter into the control panel of the router where you can change the Wi-Fi password.

2STEP 4:

Select the wireless tab to configure the wireless settings, The primary SSID is the name of the Wi-Fi network you are giving, In this case it is “You are being watched.!!” You can change it to the name which you want.

3STEP 5:

Select wireless security in left side of the panel as shown in the figure and you can change the password you need there and click ok.
Keep WPA algorithm to AES since other algorithms may make your network slower and less secure, Don’t change any recommended settings unless you know what you are doing.

4STEP 6:

That’s it your Wi-Fi connection must have started working now according to your settings and if you want to change the routers password you can change it in TOOLS tab—–> Change password and click ok to save your settings.
If you have done any mistake you can just restore your router as shown in the image.

Congrats, now you have set up your own Wi-Fi connection using tenda router, In the next post let me say how to secure your browsing using tenda router. Thank you.