Free amazon gift card worth 50 INR

Hello guys, Every one want to get free gift cards and here is a chance to get 50 INR amazon gift card for free by just posting an Ad at junglee. Follow the steps below to get the free gift card.


Log in to junglee and post your Ad on your products, You can also post Ads on used product, The Ad must contain atleast one picture of the product. post your ad here.

                         “tip: Post something which is in  your house,Which is not needed any more for you.”

STEP 2:  

After posting your Ad it will be submitted for approval once it is approved and your Ad is posted and kept live for 24 hours you will be credited 50 INR to your account.

PYA_banner._CB333239080_Check this Ad posted by me for your reference.

1. Offer valid from 9th January, 2015 to 28th January, 2015

         2. Customers whose ads went live would get the INR value of the gift card credited into their account by February 10th, 2015.

Check out the terms and conditions for this offer here.


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