People ask you to run behind your goals, But they forget saying to carry your happiness with you…. :'( :'(

     I am just an ordinary boy, Who thinks to while away teenage enjoying with friends, dating and hell lot of freaky things which every teen does. I was such a kind of guy in my school who bunked classes,roamed with friends,studied a little and enjoyed how the life should be done. So I entered the college with a great expectation, Literally saying I entered it as if I am entering a team park (Later I realized it to be an zoo 😛 😛 😛). And the beginning was as I expected, I had made lot of friends (Most of them were girls) and was enjoying their company, Even my expectations about my college life started growing. I decided to enjoy these four years and had no idea about my future.

The days went like that and suddenly I fell in love, Yes I know you would have guessed I would fall in love even I wanted to, but the tragedy here is my love was ENGINEERING. It was all of the sudden and I really had no idea of what is happening, I lost my mind and ran behind her leaving all of my friends. All my expectations suddenly changed and I wanted to become an good engineer in the field of computers rather than whiling away my time.

From that time I started working hardly to achieve my dream. It became my only target to achieve, I started concentrating on knowledge than marks as I was doing before. Though my aspiration and knowledge was improving to good extend my marks became dropping, And I was put into the crowd where people were getting worried for scoring low marks, Even I was the guy who used to calculate the marks with the question paper and get worried if the grades were not upto my expectations, But now I was still happy with my lower grades. I started feeling that every one was reversely acting (ie) they should worry only for not getting knowledge about the subject, And they were just worrying for grades. Every such acts were new to me, I was often put into a confusion whether I what I was doing is correct or not.

The eager in me grew double the time as the day went on, I increased my time which I spend with machines and forgot the humans around me. I was spending 7 hours with my internet even after the regular class timings, In holidays the timing goes double. I was out of my mind, I started getting addicted to machines. I loved the time with computers more than my parents or friends. I was learning about the computers I wanted to know everything about the computers and to become an world famous researcher, I had a huge thirst towards success which cannot be said in words.

In the time when I was running behind these things I forgot to notice that am getting away from my family and friends, I had no other thought other than to get success in my mind. As a horse which runs towards the finish line I was running towards my finish line which is infinitely long.

Once I saw my parents getting worried for me I don’t know for what they are worrying for, I thought that I was happy and they had no reason to worry but that moment my heart was whispering to me that I am not in the good way, But the sound from my mind was much stronger and again I was running behind my goals. But now here I stand all alone missing all those small small fun, chit chats, partying and more of all I missed my family 😥 and friends 😦 😦 😦 .  Now I stand here all alone without knowing which side to go, I am sure I can’t get all those fun which I missed again in my life but when I think now I really have no idea about where I was running all this time, I had ran in the wrong way and now lost both in life and my ambition.

Getting success and rewards in life is needed but more of all enjoying life is the important, For which we are given this life (To live).


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