Preventing access from unauthorised devices and websites using Tenda N4 n150 4 LAN Wireless Router

Hello folks, In this post I am going to teach you how to use the security features of the Tenda router, I have already written a post on how to configure the router you can read it here. Considering you have set up the network lets go into the security part of the router.


1. Go to the security tab.
2. Select URL filtering.
3. Forbid the link to the particular URL.
4. Create a new access list and name it if you want.
5. Enter the URL to be blocked.
6. Select the IP ranges to which you want to implement this access list, IP range of this router is normally form to
7.Always set the time from 0.0.0 to 0.0.0, which means the block is applied all the time, If you want to block the site in particular time alone you can change the time in this.
8.Click ok to save the connection and reboot your router from now those sites will be blocked.

You might have seen many people accessing others Wi-Fi for their device to prevent this happening from your network you can use MAC filtering that is only your device can access into the network and device with other MAC will be blocked from using the internet.
1. In settings tab select MAC filtering.
2. Choose whether to prevent or allow the device to access. In this case I have choose to allow the MAC which I entered.
3. Know the MAC address of your system, Go to command prompt and type “IPCONFIG /ALL”, The physical address listed there is your MAC address.
4. Create a Access list as did in the previous tutorial and enter the MAC address of the authorized systems alone and click ok.
5. Reboot the router so that the access list becomes enabled.

1                  Cool guys.!!, Now your Wi-Fi is safer than before, If you have any doubts do comment it below, Thank you.


One comment

  1. ive tried this configuration about blocking website, everything seems right, but still i can access the websites, i dont know whats is wrong, The model of my tenda is Wireless N300 HOme Router, Model No:F300


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