How to set up an Wi-fi connection using Tenda N4 n150 4 LAN Wireless Router

Hello guys in this blog I am going to show how to manage “Tenda N4 n150 4 LAN Wireless Router”. I have choose this device for tutorial because it is an router with good interface so it would be easy to install for beginners.


The router comes with 4 Lan ports and a 5dB antenna which is enough to cover a 3BHK flat, The cost of the device is 640 Rs at amazon. And it is also very user friendly compared to other devices and various other features are it can be used as a booster to the presently connected 802.11 network. This is a wireless router so you need to have an modem to get an internet connection. Considering you have connected it to your system lets go into the tutorial.


Step 1:

Open your browser and type in the URL bar

0STEP 2:

Login to your router, the default username is admin and default password is admin.

1STEP 3:

The default password for your Wi-Fi connection is 12345678, Click ok and enter into the control panel of the router where you can change the Wi-Fi password.

2STEP 4:

Select the wireless tab to configure the wireless settings, The primary SSID is the name of the Wi-Fi network you are giving, In this case it is “You are being watched.!!” You can change it to the name which you want.

3STEP 5:

Select wireless security in left side of the panel as shown in the figure and you can change the password you need there and click ok.
Keep WPA algorithm to AES since other algorithms may make your network slower and less secure, Don’t change any recommended settings unless you know what you are doing.

4STEP 6:

That’s it your Wi-Fi connection must have started working now according to your settings and if you want to change the routers password you can change it in TOOLS tab—–> Change password and click ok to save your settings.
If you have done any mistake you can just restore your router as shown in the image.

Congrats, now you have set up your own Wi-Fi connection using tenda router, In the next post let me say how to secure your browsing using tenda router. Thank you.



  1. Dear Friend ! Hi !! to Spain.
    Congratulations !!!!! I like your blog, i am fool to technology amateur radio communication.
    I need your help in order to convert a tenda n4 buy with Chinese firmware, and I can not firmware in English.
    Could you send me email in .rar format .bin firmware in English, as having your tenda N4 150N ???? Wear without getting 6 months !!!
    My aim is to use this router as a repeater.
    many Thanks


  2. I am going to buy this router in a few days. As I never have used router so I know little about it. I have some issues regarding this :
    1. Will I have to turn on my PC (in which my router will be set up) all the time if I want to share internet connection 24×7 ?
    2. Can I disconnect the cable (which tenda will give me in the box along with the router)from my PC after setting up the router?
    Actually I am having a LAN connection and I always have to login with the id and password given by my Internet service provider before starting net. My another question is that how will I connect Internet through router without turning on my PC and putting the details provided by my Internet service provider?

    Hopeful to get a positive response.


    • Hey Raj So the answers to your questions are,
      1. No, Just connect the router to your modem and power the modem alone it will do.
      2. It can be disconnected from the machine after configuring it, And access it with any devices having wifi connectivity (But the cable anyway will do you no harm).
      BTW I hope you got it wrong, Its just a router it gets internet from your modem and splits between various networks on your LAN, That is you can use same internet connection between all your devices. Even you connect the router the function will not change, You will be going through same authentication process there will not be any problem in it.


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