The day when I realized the meaning of friendship..!!! :D My first Girl friend… :P

No,Its not only the first love in one’s life is unforgettable even the first friendship is so.

That was my half yearly examination and I am studying in U.K.G, I really don’t remember anything other than this incident, I was the one who got first rank in previous exams (No i am not kidding,I am a brilliant boy from my childhood 😛 trust me..). In our schools they use to provide batches to top 3 rank holders (Kind of racism) and i was wearing first rank batch, The girl was wearing second rank batch and a boy named siva raj was wearing third rank batch. And the exam was maths(Yes,The same subject which has unsolvable X and Y’s ). The first question was hardest of that time that is to write numbers from one to fifty. Seeing it i slowly started to write 1,2,3,..? and with a hell lot of confusions I completed all my question. And here comes the crucial part the last question was to write numbers from one to ten in words (ie) First,Second,.. and so on. Haan that was unexpected I never did learn that for my exam, Over that’s all i kept my pencil down on the table and started to weep but something in me told to start writing so I took  my pencil again in hands and blindly started writing but fortunately I was able to complete it till tenth. And yes that was a successful attempt(But until my brain said me that there is a number SECOND in between FIRST and THIRD). Then i was trying to scribble it in between both of it, Some staff crossed me and said to erase it and write it clearly but the problem was that I don’t know the spelling of “second”, I was confused whether it is SECOOND or SECONDE (Later i knew both of my assumptions were wrong.. :P). I was getting upset thinking that I will loose my rank this time, without knowing the spelling of this number and gonna get beatings from my mom for not properly informing about the portions. I was really worried again my eyes started popping tears, then i heard a sound whispering “Hey ena achu, En alara???” (Hey, what happened why are you crying?). I turned around with sad face and saw her. Yes you are right she was the one, I told I forgot the spelling of second, Suddenly she woke up from her place I got feared and don’t know what is happening she went to the staff and borrowed a eraser from her and came back to her place while she came, she just pulled out her batch and kept it on my bench and went to her place. I was shocked by her act and realized she wanted to be my friend, from that moment I started liking her a lot and knew what friendship is, It has been 14 years it had happened and there is still no one who can replace her. I am very sad that i don’t remember her name now and don’t know where she is and what she is now, But i believe that one day or the other i will meet her in my life again. Hope she has not forgotten me.

My first friend



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